One on One

These sessions are so fun! We get to talk all about you! What you have been successful with and what you are looking for! We can explore your gifts and see what messages you might need to hear that you are missing. 

Sometimes these meetings are a field trip into nature and sometimes at a coffee shop. Let's do something fun together!!



Hire me to read everyone's cards! Have you ever had your cards read? You can book me for 2 hours and split the cost with a group of friends! Along with cards I have the gift of knowledge, sometimes I hear from people who have passed and want to say hi! Your party or event will be one you never forget!



$400/4 hrs


In these readings I do one reading for each person and then one combined reading for your relationship! These are so fun and you will see how your energy works together. These sessions take a lot of my focus and energy.

These sessions are also a great gift idea!


Energy Reading

These readings are completely about your energy, the kind of energy you are emitting and attracting. These insights can help you understand your patterns for attracting the same type of mates and friends and what obstacles might be influencing who you attract.

These sessions are also a great gift idea!


Kate is truly one of a kind. She is so intuitive and her readings are always spot on. She has a gift and the world is so lucky that she is willing to share it. If you are considering having a reading , do it! You won't regret it!

Erin A. -Texas

We all have a passion driven purpose. Figuring it out is part of the fun but sometimes we can feel stuck. I have a gift that helps find your clues! Let's chat!

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A Leading Psychic/ Life Coach in The Greater Nashville Area

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