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Why People Call Me for Psychic Readings

Kate Horner, The Oracle's Message, Intuitive Reader, Medium

Everyone wants to be seen. We all want to he heard.

My clients come from all walks of life and belief systems. Getting a reading has nothing to do with what religion you align with, in fact I also read for people who don't believe in anything God like existing. Readings can be spiritual or more like life coaching. Your religion is what tells you there is out there. I help you feel into your messages from your religious figure.

My role is not to convert anyone. I have no interest in trying to make you believe in an organized religion. I also don't challenge your beliefs if they differ from mine. Most of the time, religion is not even brought up. Your spirituality is an awareness that there is more to you than your human body. If you know there is more to this life than what your five senses can detect then you have a spirituality. When you see someone upset and you feel upset as a response, that is an empathetic response. You are feeling someone's feelings beyond your own.

One of the services I offer is reading for bachelorette parties in Nashville. Many folks stay in VRBO or AirBnbs and hire me to come read for them there. These are so fun because I can read the group's energy and how they are linked together. It is safe and easy to split the cost between the attendees!

There are folks that just need confirmation about one thing. I had a client from Romania the other day and she told me in her home country people get readings regularly and as a whole she felt like they are a much less anxious and worried population. Food for thought.

Others want to learn more about spiritual gifts that are less mainstream. They want to learn about oracle cards, crystals and messages... don't we all. ;) Even Cosmo had this article about Oracle Cards!

Call me for your next Girl's Night, job change questions, feeling stuck or needing to feel good about your self again!



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