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What is the Oracle's Message?!

The Oracle's Message is different for each person and changes as you progress through life. We all have a calling, a special and unique purpose. Sometimes life challenges us to remove obstacles and Lean In a little more to hear our clues. Sometimes that is so much harder than it sounds.

I have walked a long way in my short life and finally feel like I am able to listen and hear my messages. I have always been best at helping others and encouraging others. I also have the "Gift of Knowledge" which is said to be a spiritual God given gift when you know things you can't explain in anyway except to say you get messages from God and the Universe for others. These messages re-affirm my client's path, and purpose.

The gift of knowledge was a little scary at first, I would see quick little visions and I would also get an idea of who it was meant to be delivered to. These visions look like memories except they are not my memories. I tried to ignore my "visions" at first but they are tenacious. They kept showing up until I would finally deliver them to the person. Wouldn't you know!? It was exactly what was needed! Some times I got messages from really crazy sounding folks! Once there was a little girl in a garden that hounded me for years, she was really what made me start communicating my messages.

I found people were NOT accepting of messages when they just came from my visions. A friend of mine bought me my first Oracle Card deck The Wisdom of the Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid.

When we used the cards people were more receptive to the messages as the cards were reaffirming and allowed for my visions to surface and add to the card's message.

This deck is my Go-To for easy answers. If I have a specific question, I can get a very direct answer quickly from this beautiful deck!

I would love to hear from others who have figured out their gifts and what they are! I think everyone has different gifts and no two psychics are the same!! It takes time and practice to develop all of our skills and to tap into our gifts. Keep on taking steps toward figuring out your purpose, passions and gifts!

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