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How-to Hear Your Messages and Signs?

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

There have been many times in my life that I have received messages from God and the Universe through interactions with nature. You have to be still and also alert. If you clog your receptors with non-sense that is what you will hear. If you let your mind rattle about the guy who doesn't pay you enough attention and you are looping a pity message from yourself you will miss out on the positive messages all around us!

I have had three butterflies come to me and spend their last hours in my arms. The first time it happened was in the magical place of the Highlands, North Carolina. I was kayaking on a lake by myself when I realized I wasn't as alone as I thought. Floating on a peaceful breeze came my new friend, a stunning Monarch Butterfly like a fall leaf landing gracefully on the still lake surface. I paddled as fast as I could to get to her, to save her from the end. I lifted her from the water with the palms of my fingers gently and protectively. I thought if she could dry her wings she would be free to take flight for the next leg of her journey. She held her long lean body up in the sun and slowly fanned her massive wings with grace and precision. I shielded her from the gusts that slammed against the fiberglass canoe. She held tightly to my safety and I fiercely guarded her so she might heal herself.

She never flew again. She died in my arms and I gave her respite and permission to transform once again into her free energy,

The parallel to the way God cares for us while we heal was not lost on me. I was in one of the lowest places I can recall of my life. I was floating downward into a dark lake with no way to escape on my own. No way to create my own happy ending.

The second butterfly that I stumbled upon came to me after a serious illness. I had Meningitis, from my first and only cold sore. The virus attached to my brain and caused severe brain swelling for 6 months. I was bed ridden to avoid light and minimize headaches. I had to get two PICC lines which allowed me to stay home and receive high doses of intravenous anti-viral medications. It wasn't my first experience with serious illness, in fact I found myself minimizing it as I compared it to fighting Leukemia. I was feeling better and went for a jog, early in the run I found this beautiful blue and black butterfly lying in the grass. I stopped to say hello and she was very still and climbed right onto my finger. I told her how beautiful she was looking and she stared at me too. I turned around and walked back home, she stayed on my finger all afternoon. She told me I didn't need to run that day. She reminded me that I don't care for running anyway.

The third butterfly was a yellow and black beauty too. She came all the way to my own back porch. Like she had spent her whole existence looking for a place to find peace. Aren't we all doing that very same thing. I remember thinking about how she came to me and I would keep her safe until she was ready to pass on.

Each time I have been entrusted with these beautiful beings, they stay with me for hours! When they are ready they fall over and cross their little legs as they breath their last breathe. I cried each time and said my goodbyes. I imagine our heavenly father doing the same when he sends us to Earth for our next purpose.

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