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Flamingo- A messenger of love and good news

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

Sharing love, messages, and guidance from beyond

My sister, Jessica encouraged me to start writing about the moments that I receive messages for others from their loved ones that have passed. Many of you know how taboo it can be for people to talk about death, much less about the spirits of the departed.

"Let me share with you this story about a very special Flamingo loving young lady that had a smile that lit an entire room while being grounded in leg braces sitting in a small wheelchair. "

Courtney and Jessica

Written by Kate Horner on June 11th, 2020

On Wednesday, April 1, 2020, I got an early text from my sister, this is common as she lives on the east coast and it is an hour later than here. Our little family stays in touch through texting most of the time. We talk more than we used to, we have gotten much closer as siblings since last fall while taking care of our Mom who passed away of Cancer.

She texted that she finally spoke on the phone with her dear friend ,Courtney's Mom- without balling. This is a beautiful text as I know since Courtney passed away suddenly last October, they have both suffered together from afar. Courtney was a ray of sunshine, she was described by many as,"Full of laughter."

(( I didn't have the pleasure of knowing Courtney personally, I remember meeting her one time when my boys were small and we visited my sister in Tulsa. We were trying to wrangle the boys on tiny three wheeler push bikes and Courtney's dad had gotten her a three wheeler bike she could ride in the shared cult-a-sac. I remember him helping her ride it around. She was SO happy and had a smile a mile wide. This was the extent of my interaction with her but I heard about her many times from my sister and I know if she had a special place in Jessica's heart, then she was an exceptional woman. ))

Following her text, Jessica asked if I ever heard from Courtney. I told her I would Lean In and see if I get any messages. I have learned that I don't have to be familiar with anyone's energy to feel them or get visions from them. The way I see it, we are all connected through love. My sister's love for Courtney and her family made it easy for me to ask Courtney for any messages they need to hear. Right away she showed me several images. She showed me her Dad sitting on a couch, hunched over with his head in his hands. She was sitting by him, her arm around him, telling him it is all okay. She made me feel his sad heart, and how he misses her. I had a vision of her walking slowly and deliberately around the yard at her parents home. She stopped at a flower bed by the front door, and pointed into the bed. She showed me it's importance by pointing several times. She showed me there are no flowers in the bed. She added that she wants her Dad to tend to the flowers there. She told me she is around them to help them find a new, "happy."

Jessica shared that Courtney's Mom, Bernice has sensed her daughter in the yard, she knows she is near. I could tell this is true because Courtney was very focused on sending a message to her Dad. Her Mom was seeing her signs. Her Dad was too sad to see just yet.

Then, Courtney showed me that she was with my sister last weekend when she was working on her Daffodils. Jessica said the Daffodils make her happy so that makes beautiful sense to me that Courtney knows that.

Jessica then shared that she saw the cutest glass flamingo plant/flower bed stick. She was strongly drawn to them, she saw them in a neighbor's flower bed and then again at Home Depot. She showed her husband, Jim and said she loved them and that they would have gone great in Courtney's front flower bed...and they should put some in her flower bed. The mention of them compelled her to say she was going to have to go get some now. She added maybe that is what Courtney was showing me, that the flamingos are what was missing? Jessica sent me a picture of the little glass flamingo and instantly I saw Courtney laughing so big and nodding her head. I texted, "She is laughing, she loves them."

My sister texted back, "I hope you're not (crying emoji) too hard (Wink emoji). She knows when I get messages from people I get overwhelmed with emotion. It chokes me up every time. Courtney did make me cry in the best of ways!

A bit later, Jessica texted Beatrice about our messages from Courtney and shared from Courtney's mom that she knows the mistletoe in her tree is a sign from her daughter. She knows she feels her and that Courtney is walking now. She added that, "She has peace in her heart and tears of happiness." These sweet affirmations are why I began speaking messages I get from those who have passed. They want their loved ones to feel some peace and feel loved. I saw Courtney hugging her mom as she cried. Soon after she added, "Also in my flower bed is a plant she got me for Mother's Day and it is growing again..."

Jessica said she could feel Courtney hugging her too, her office was cold and she felt her shoulders tingling. We stopped texting at 9:01am, later I went to Home Depot and when I walked in, and turned the corner I saw these tucked behind the patio furniture! I saw the very glass flamingos she spoke of earlier. Naturally I sent her a picture!

And then later that night I was on a call with a client when I was flipping through a deck of animal spirit cards when this one showed up!Cards by Paulina Cassidy - "Spirtsong Tarot"

I sent it to my sister as another sign of Courtney, a beautiful reminder of her love and good news, reminding you to act on your dreams as your enthusiastic guide! Of course it is her!

Card Meaning: A messenger of love and good news, Flamingo's heart leads the way in helping you act upon your dreams. Graceful and Charming, he's your enthusiastic guide in helping you follow your bliss, unearth your inner gifts, and seize an opportunity. Be receptive to your emotional energies, as they will bring your vision to life.

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I have asked my sister to fill in the pieces of Courtney's life that help tell her story and share some pictures too!



Hi people… I am Kate’s Sister, Jessica. All the pictures in this blog were taken by me and I hope they help you feel Courtney’s spirit and make you smile :)

It is still hard for me to talk about Courtney without a few tears even when I know she is walking around heaven sharing her smiles with everyone. She became like another sister to me and her family just folded me into their lives. We spent the summer holidays doing cook outs around the pool laughing at the dogs chasing balls into the water, eating ice cream, and watching the clouds sail by. I was home a lot by myself with my husband gone for weeks at a time with his pilot job. It was nice to have an adopted family to celebrate holidays and summer pool time with.

I remember meeting Courtney in the cult-a-sac by her house while she was working on strength training and trying to teach her legs how to walk again. Her mom Bernice was sitting in a lawn chair yelling or talking really loud about how well she was doing. Bernice has a loud teacher voice all the time...and you will hear what she is thinking and knowing what she wants you to do. I walked down and wanted to see what all the commotion was and why this young lady was working on learning how to walk again. Little did I know what a special bond and friendship we would have for the next ten years.

Courtney loved Halloween ! Putting up lights...her Dad put up a million and each year it grew. Dressing up in a costume...and her service dog, Susie, also had to dress up :) Handing out candy … to the hordes of little goblins. See loved Christmas too… and all the lights went up again… inside and outside. Courtney loved flowers… she loved animals… She loved meeting new people and hugging her already known friends.

Courtney never complained. Not once. She had a lot to complain about or be sad about or be mad about. She was born with Spina Bifida that required lots of surgeries and the loss of physical abilities. She had to use a wheelchair all the time, have help on doing almost everything we take for granted, and knew when people were making fun of her / staring at her with no empathy. Plus living with her parents for her entire life, no boy friends or romantic love, no children of her own, and many of things we all take for granted or blindly complain about.

She lived each day with happiness in her soul to enjoy the people and things around her ...in that moment. She could see the good in a person. She delighted in the small details of life, the ones we often overlook as trivial.

Courtney and I would go on small adventures to the casino for some slots, Panera Bread for broccoli cheese soup, bowling for Rhinos, and just the small walks in the cult-a-sac. We would talk about our families, our fur kids, and all things that sisters do. She was always there with a hug to make things better, a smile that opened your heart, and encouragement in listening without judgement.

Courtney loved flamingos as her favorite animal, yes, even above Susie her service dog and Rocky her cat. She loved their bright coral color that just beamed cheerfulness into the world she said. She also said she liked how different they looked and how slowly they walked. That they were their own kind of a bird created to be unique without caring what the whole world thought of them.

I know my sister has a gift to communicate to people who have passed to the other side. And I know when Kate felt Courtney and passed her messages on to me … that it was her completely. True to heart, Courtney wanted to make sure that her Mom and Dad knew her passing was not their fault and that she is okay. She is leaving them signs that she is okay… and more than okay with the next chapter in life. I am grateful for my sister Kate’s gift and her messages from the other side.

I miss Courtney and her joy. I look forward to the day that we will get to have another hug and laugh at our fur kid's antics. Until then I remember that it’s okay to be different, it's best to be kind, and to find / give all the love I can each day.


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