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Updated: Aug 10, 2020

What is The Oracle's Message?

We all get messages from God and the Universe as we navigate our lives. We get signs from nature and we get direction from people and sources we trust. When we are,"Too busy," or too scared to listen to our messages we continue down a path of self distraction or self destruction. When You Align Your Energy with Your Purpose you feel more calm and happy and you can accomplish what is on your heart. My gift is sending you messages you are not hearing on your own, or you are not listening to. God's gift for me allows me to communicate messages to people that they NEED to hear in a loving and supportive way.

Q: How do you know things about me and my personality that I have not shared any clues about?

A: I have visions for people. I ask God and the Universe to send me the people that I can receive messages for and that are open to hearing their messages from me. I ask that I be sent people I can help. I certainly don't believe I can help everyone but if our paths cross I believe the Powers that be, made that happen.

Q: What kinds of things do you know about me?

A: This is funny because some people think I will know their deep dark secrets and that scares them. I have no interest in your deep dark secrets. Period. My gift and focus is helping you navigate your purposes and aligning your soul energy so that you feel good and inspire others to feel good too.

Q: Are you a Witch?

A: Not that I know of. This question is funny to me because I was raised Christian and we were told witches were evil but I also know a fair number of women who are very "witchy," except for the evil part. I think folklore and a desire to control the masses (Keep your woman under control!) made it easy for "evil" words to be thrown around. I have seen a fair share of evil everywhere, that being said just because there was a bad seed at the Church I attended doesn't mean I labeled the whole church evil. SO no, I am not a witch nor am I evil.

P.S. I do play a Witch on Halloween! I have read cards at The Union Station Hotel

in Nashville on Halloween. It is believed to be haunted and I see spirits sometimes so it is a fun night!

Q: Are Psychics going to put a spell on me or use demonic powers?

A: Hmmm... are you? Okay, I will try to answer this with a straight face.😐 I am a positive and encouraging, driven soul. My intentions are to inspire you toward your purposes here. I believe my messages for you will help remind you of your value and strengths. When your "Soul Energy" is in alignment you are manifesting the job, people and activities you enjoy and wish to have. If your thoughts are that I might be wanting to put a spell on you or using demonic powers, you are more likely to attract those things. I try to teach people to align your energy with what you want not with what you fear.

Q: What are, "Oracle Cards," and why do you use them?

A: When I get messages for people, I know they are from God, Spirit and the Universe. I noticed people are not comfortable with hearing messages that way and many times they wouldn't hear them. When I went looking at cards that I felt aligned with me gift I found Oracle Cards. (Oracle means, "Person who hears from and communicates with Deity or God") These cards allow for both literal and intuitive interpretations. I use my gift to expand on the cards that my clients choose. My go-to deck for questions about life is the Wisdom of the Oracle it s filled with beautiful art work and loving yet direct answers.

Q: Do you deliver bad news?

A: The short answer is no, I believe this is because my gift is focused on moving people forward in their life and closer to their passions and purposes. I read your strengths and remind you of your value as well as what you need to create with your gifts. I don't sugar coat what you need to hear, but I do deliver all messages with the intention of love and support.

What else do you want to know?? Send me a text if you have other questions you want answered in this Q and A! 615-788-1608

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