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I am a daughter, sister, wife, mother, and friend. 

I have known for quite sometime that I have a special gift. Some people call it being sensitive or intuitive but as I live my life and explore my gifts I have learned it is so much more. I started receiving messages for people many years ago. They started as a nagging image or series of images. They became more and more difficult to ignore. In the moments I was brave enough to share them, they were a truth, a message and the validation was instant. I became more and more comfortable sharing these messages especially when I saw the value they brought to others.


What kind of messages?  They are different for each person and I don't claim to have messages for EVERYONE. I do find I am naturally drawn to some people and often they have a message I am meant to deliver to them. One time the message was about a sister who was feeling lost and needed some extra support. Another time the message was from a child who had been tragically taken in a car accident. I can read people from other states if I can Lean In and feel their energy. I can receive messages from people who have passed if they want to send one. I am looking forward to sharing more of these examples in my Blog! 


I use my gift to inspire you and help you reach your dreams and purposes. I listen. I love without judgement. My passion is helping you develop yourself personally and spiritually through your gifts and desires. I don't preach, I don't tell you what to believe.


I have tried to work the societal acceptable jobs, and my gifts have helped me bring other businesses success. I found myself depleted and feeling like my true talents were being wasted. I am honing my focus to people. One on one, what are your aspirations and what obstacles are you facing? 

I am a safe counsel, tactfully bringing your decisions back to LOVE and increasing your momentum toward growth and success.

I work well with business owners, artists, musicians, song writers, athletes, authors, dreamers, dancers and anyone who dreams of doing more, being more and knowing more.

Let's have coffee!

Kate Horner
Intuitive, Oracle 

Tel: 615-788-1608


The Greater Nashville Area

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